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Post by Tea Burn on Thu Apr 23, 2015 8:27 am

1. Respect other users, including the topics/posts they make.
2. Don't spam (includes topics, pms, accounts, etc.).
3. Do not intrude on other applications if you are not a Clan Member.
4. Keep PM's appropriate.
5. Keep signatures appropriate.
6. Keep pictures appropriate.
8. Keep cursing to a minimum.
9. Do not be racist to anyone.
10. Do not beg for ranks if you're a Member of the clan (you'll get them in time).
11. Do not double-post, triple-post or quadruple-post, and etc. Use the EDIT BUTTON (only if you are a member).
12. Don't go too off-topic.
13. Do not 1 word-post or no-word post (they will be deleted).
14. Do not Quote Images, no matter how small or big it is.
15. Do not Quote large texts.
16. Messages about Porn or Sex is an automatic warning.
17. Keep custom avatars appropriate.
18. Avoid excessive trolling.
19. Do not free-post.
20. If you are making an application, you are not allowed to edit your application after it has been posted.

Rules created by Raphael166, edited by T Burn

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